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Five Ideas for a Spectacular Lockdown Wedding
Many of us have dreamed about what our wedding day might look like. Be it a wedding Barn in Buckinghamshire, or a beach wedding in Bali. However, very few of us would imagine it involving face masks and two-metre distances, such is the global pandemic!
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Five Times you Might Need a Fireworks Display
When it comes to show-stopping moments, nothing quite compares to a fireworks display. Without fail, it’s guaranteed to wow, entertain, and stop guests in their tracks.
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What are Pyromusical Wedding Fireworks?
When it comes to your big day, you want it to be as spectacular, original, and memorable as possible. Which is why more and more couples are turning to wedding fireworks to ensure their big day goes with a ‘bang’!
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Fireworks and animal welfare
How to keep your animals safe over the fireworks season and what impact does the Animal Welfare Act have?
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20 Years of Sonning Fireworks:  Fireworks to music how did it all start?
...little did we know at the time that this would be the start of Sonning Fireworks providing explosive pyromusical shows for the most discerning clients in the UK!
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International Womens Day #BalanceForBetter with this in mind I am glad to say Sonning Fireworks have been a shining example of equality for years...
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Quiet firework displays:  Is that really a thing?
With a growing number of venues asking about quieter or low noise firework displays, what does this mean to the end client and how do we help the venues reduce noise complaints?
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20 Years of Sonning Fireworks:  “I mean come on, how many kids at 15 get to fire fireworks display mortar shells using an electric system they built themselves!”
How I (Chris Clarke) went from uber geek to uber cool (ok, maybe not uber cool, but cooler than I was!), combining my two passions, technology and fireworks, little did I know that helping setup a PA system for my school would lead me into a lifelong career firing high end fireworks displays!
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20 Years of Sonning Fireworks:  This is why we love performing wedding fireworks displays!
The perfect surprise for the bride from her father on her wedding day
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We are celebrating our 20th year in business
Sonning Fireworks was established in November 1999 and to celebrate our 20th anniversary we are making our renowned firework displays even more this impressive year by giving you 20% more bang for your buck.In other words for every display booked this year we will use an extra 20% more fireworks for the same price. 
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