How to Organise a Fireworks Display in Five Simple Steps

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How to Organise a Fireworks Display in Five Simple Steps

If you’re fed up of unreliable cheap fireworks display kits and want a more smooth and enjoyable experience, a professional fireworks display company is exactly the answer.

Working with professionals makes it super easy to organise and ensure the big event goes with a bang! Whether it’s wedding fireworks, New Year’s eve fireworks, or Bonfire night, here’s a step-by-step guide for booking a fireworks display that you’ll be proud of.

1. Check the venue
So, you want to host a fireworks event? The first place to start is with the chosen venue, if it’s not your personal grounds.

Ask the property owner if they allow firework displays to take place and if so, where exactly from. For instance, a number of smaller venues or wedding in London properties may just have a roof terrace or front garden which may or may not be suitable. In this case, they might recommend a nearby park or venue as a suitable alternative. 

If they do host displays, find out where they have been held in the past, as this will make your event easier to organise.

2. Understand restrictions
Next it’s worth finding out if the venue has any restrictions. For instance, are fireworks only allowed at certain times of the day or certain days like the weekend? A number of venues will have noise curfews too, which is important to be aware of.

Some venues may also request a quiet fireworks display, it’s best to speak to your firework company who can curate a low noise firework display for the occasion if this is the case.

3. Find a fireworks display company
Next, it’s best to find a reputable fireworks display company to help navigate some of the tricky questions. They will be able to give you an approximate quote and idea of timings to work towards. One of the easiest ways to do this is to search for ‘Firework display company near me’ in Google. Look for companies that display customer feedback so you know what to expect, and research how experienced they are, as this all helps.

Once you’ve found your match, connect them to your venue. They will ask all the necessary questions on your behalf, helping to free up your time too. 

4. With or without music?
You may have heard of pyromusical wedding fireworks otherwise known as fireworks to music – this is where fireworks displays are synchronised in time with a couple’s choice of music. So popular have they become, that they are now available for all kinds of occasions, notably New Year’s Eve fireworks displays and wedding fireworks.

Just keep in mind that mainstream events, such as Bonfire night and New Years’ are especially popular, so you will need to book months in advance to avoid disappointment.

5. Talk to the experts 
Finally, it’s good to talk! So talk to the experts on all matters fireworks, to ensure you get to enjoy a smooth, safe and fun event, that is well organised and goes without a hitch.

Sonning Fireworks is one of the leading Fireworks companies, get in touch any time with any questions we can help you with.


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