Five Times you Might Need a Fireworks Display

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Five Times you Might Need a Fireworks Display

Five Times you Might Need a Fireworks Display

When it comes to show-stopping moments, nothing quite compares to a fireworks display. Without fail, it’s guaranteed to wow, entertain, and stop guests in their tracks. It is also a wonderful way to pay tribute to an individual, couple or team – setting the tone for a memorable day.

Whether you’re tying the knot, celebrating a milestone event, or marking Bonfire Night, here are five times when a professional fireworks display can elevate an event.

Wedding Day

Probably the most requested occasion for fireworks is a wedding day. This is no surprise, since it’s the perfect way to signal the union of two people and shout it from the rooftops! It’s also a touching way to bring guests together and share a special moment, even if you’re hosting a microwedding.

Fireworks display companies have a whole host of tools available to create colour-themed finales and displays, bespoke to personal requirements. You can even request pyromusical wedding fireworks – a jaw-dropping display of fireworks choreographed to your choice of music, to wow guests. 

Extremely popular with bride and grooms, especially for lockdown weddings, are heart-shaped burst that light up the sky, as well as fireworks that display a name or message. Find out more in our dedicated wedding page

Bonfire Night 2021

The highlight of the firework calendar, Bonfire Night 2021 promises to be another awe-inspiring display of dramatic lights brightening up the sky. Either google ‘fireworks display near me’ to find the closest local event being held, or better still, hire your own team to create a professional display that promises to impress. If you’re on a budget a home fireworks display kit isn’t quite as spectacular, but it can provide a few minutes of fun with a sparkler in hand.

Corporate Events

Corporate events have been put on hold over the past few months. But as we ease ourselves out of lockdown, it’s likely that this will return in some capacity. And since it is more important than ever to bring teams together to recognise their hard work, fireworks displays provide the perfect backdrop. Whether it’s celebrating a company milestone, or just an excuse for getting together, a fireworks display is always a noteworthy and popular choice.

Wedding Anniversaries

From ruby to diamond and all that’s in between, a wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion for going big with gestures of romance. And what could be more stunning than a dedicated fireworks display for your loved one? Even in the current restrictions, it’s a popular choice since it can be enjoyed from the safety of an outdoor setting.


We understand that funerals are a sensitive matter, that deserve to be treated with respect. Over the years there have been more requests than ever for fireworks displays to mark the life of someone special. Experienced private event firework companies are well placed to create a fitting wedding firework package for the occasion. This will include a choice of fireworks that are suitable in style, colour and tone for your important service. 

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