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20 Years of Sonning Fireworks:  “I mean come on, how many kids at 15 get to fire fireworks display mortar shells using an electric system they built themselves!”
How I (Chris Clarke) went from uber geek to uber cool (ok, maybe not uber cool, but cooler than I was!), combining my two passions, technology and fireworks, little did I know that helping setup a PA system for my school would lead me into a lifelong career firing high end fireworks displays!
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20 Years of Sonning Fireworks:  This is why we love performing wedding fireworks displays!
The perfect surprise for the bride from her father on her wedding day
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We are celebrating our 20th year in business
Sonning Fireworks was established in November 1999 and to celebrate our 20th anniversary we are making our renowned firework displays even more this impressive year by giving you 20% more bang for your buck.In other words for every display booked this year we will use an extra 20% more fireworks for the same price. 
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Looking for a wedding venue that allows fireworks in Bucks?  We've been to most of them in the 20 years of Sonning Fireworks.  From bijou wedding venues, to barns, stately homes, or hotels.  Although the company started in Sonning, Berkshire a lot of our crew and directors live in Marlow, Bucks, so we'll start there.  Monkton Barn, this is a "Country Barn wedding venue" and its one of our favourite local venues.  Peter the owner is very friend...
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Getting married this year? You only need one reason to have fireworks!
Normally people write articles “10 reasons to....” or “5 ways to....”, you don’t usually see “One reason to....”, but we like to be different, so here goes.....
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LonWorks Technology Gives Fireworks Company More Bang for Its Buck
Sonning Fireworks has an article written about them by the company that provides the underlying technology for their LonFire computerised firing system.
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Standout magazine
Sonning fireworks featured in an article about the future of fireworks displays. The article mainly talks about our new firing system Lonfire v2.
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Firework Champions competition will get a chance to see #sonningstyle!
For many years we have wanted to get into the fireworks competition circuit and this year we have finally taken this jump!  Eastnor Castle will see #sonningstyle unleashed at the 2014 Fireworks Champions event!
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