What are Pyromusical Wedding Fireworks?

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What are Pyromusical Wedding Fireworks?

When it comes to your big day, you want it to be as spectacular, original, and memorable as possible. Which is why more and more couples are turning to wedding fireworks to ensure their big day goes with a ‘bang’!

On trend for 2021, pyromusical wedding fireworks are the ultimate must-have for special events and occasions on a grand level.

For those new to the term, it’s simply a fireworks display synchronised perfectly to music. It creates a fully immersive experience for guests, putting your personal stamp on the day. Most important of all, it creates a standout moment for you to look back on in the years to come.

The Emotion of Music

Music has long been the soundtrack of our lives. On wedding days, for instance, music accompanies all the key moments; walking down the aisle, hymns at the ceremony, and the all-important first-dance. Music has the ability to transform a moment, and tap into our deepest emotions to create lifelong memories. 

Just imagine how special a wedding firework package is with the addition of music. It promises to elevate the experience, and create the most talked-about moment of your wedding. So, if you’re looking for a stand-out jaw-dropping moment to wow guests, look no further.

Choosing the Right Soundtrack

Music is a very personal and individual choice and one of the benefits of pyromusical wedding fireworks is that they can be customised to your preference. Or, if you’re unsure, speak to an experienced private event fireworks company, who can give you a steer on what might be suitable.

For inspiration, here are some of the most popular choices for wedding day celebrations:

  • Fireworks to classical music -You may have a piece of music in mind, a symphony that is special to you, or even that famous track by Händel for celebrating your nuptials. Classical music is always an elegant option, popular with guests with discerning taste. The combination of the fireworks lighting up the sky and the crescendos in classic music make the perfect pairing.
  • Contemporary music – Many couples choose their favourite song to be showcased during their wedding firework display. This could be anything from Take That to Bruno Mars, Coldplay to Adele. They fuse easily with fireworks to create a magical moment.
  • Dance music – If you simply want to create an electric atmosphere and get the party started, (think New Years’ celebrations), an uplifting dance track is a great choice for coordinating with a display
  • Traditional music – As long as you can supply the soundtrack, it doesn’t matter if it’s not a contemporary song. Traditional music can give a special feel to a fireworks display.

Insider Tips

And finally, before you head online and search for ‘fireworks near me’, here’s three helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Time of display - Fireworks often take place after dark, so keep in mind that you may want to keep the vibe upbeat for the evening celebrations, while the party is in full swing.
  • Choregraphing - You want your fireworks display to perfectly synch to your soundtrack. This is something your pyrotechnical team will coordinate, but remember to give them plenty of notice to give them time to choreograph the display.
  • Budget - With pyromusical fireworks you have the freedom to choose as few, or as many, songs you require within your budget. This is often one to three tracks to accompany your wedding fireworks display.

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