20 Years of Sonning Fireworks: This is why we love performing wedding fireworks displays!

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20 Years of Sonning Fireworks:  This is why we love performing wedding fireworks displays!

It was a crisp October night, the team had snuck onto the site in the dark to setup a show and now using their best A-Team skills were hiding down banks and behind bushes, waiting.  The firing system was armed and even from their vantage point you could not see any of the fireworks due to the cloud cover, it was a very dark night.

Suddenly they hear the chatter of guests coming out of the building, a nervous laugh or two as they are led out by the father of the bride carrying a single rocket.  You see, his daughter had asked for fireworks however he had said he couldn't afford them and then he had spoken to us.  Together we hatched the plan to give his daughter the surprise of her life.

Rewinding a bit, back in the reception venue after collecting his rocket from the team he interrupted his daughter and said "I know you wanted fireworks at your wedding so badly and I just couldn't afford them, so I've got you this one rocket instead".  The daughter was touched but slightly embarrassed as her Dad led her friends and family out onto the lawn carrying the one rocket.

The guests all waited on the gravel drive as he shuffled off into the darkness, he fumbled with the lighter in the dark and a few seconds later he quickly returned as the rocket fuse burnt.

WHOOSH, the rocket went up, the crew knew that this was their cue, BANG the rocket exploded, then WHAM, the sky light up with dazzling colours and huge bursts, it was no longer a single rocket, but a whole show!  The show carried on in true #SonningStyle, quiet pretty sections, loud colourful bursts culminating in multiple aerial shells of golden rain that filled the whole sky and just kept going and going.

The cheers and shouts from the audience told us everything we needed to know.  The crew got up from their hiding positions and walked over to a hysterical bride, she was so overwhelmed she just couldn't stop crying!  A very pleased father of the bride and most certainly a perfect end to their perfect day!


We have a great deal of experience in firing wedding fireworks displays, please feel free to contact us to discuss any ideas you have around fireworks and your wedding.  Whether you are after a fully synchronised fireworks display to music or a traditional wedding fireworks show we can help make your wedding day extra special!

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