Fireworks of the Rich and Famous…

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Fireworks of the Rich and Famous…

There’s celebrations, and there’s celebrations, and at Sonning Fireworks, we have been privy to some of the most extravagant and opulent soirees, courtesy of our discerning clientele, many of which are UHNWI (ultra-high net worth individuals).

Naturally, luxury fireworks displays for weddings and parties are one of our most in-demand services, with no event too small or big to bring some magic to. 

Our discretion, along with our credentials, is what makes us industry leaders in premium fireworks displays, with clients having the confidence and trust in us to deliver an incredible  moment in time.

Since confidentiality remains our highest priority we can’t reveal our clients. But, here’s a glimpse into some of the events we’ve been part of.

Big bang theories…
Dubai is a city known for its glamour and high-end luxury standards and in 2014 it set a new world record for the most expensive fireworks show in the world, at a cost of $6 million!  Then again in 2022, the largest straight line fireworks display in the world!  But the question is, was it all that impressive?  If a high end fireworks display doesn't fit in the frame of your audiences view then are you not wasting your money?  This is where our experience of creating awe-inspiring, different, creative and intimate fireworks shows really shines through.  Our client whom have attended million pound fireworks shows say that ours, for a significantly smaller price tag, are more impressive.

We have been involved in a number of events with hundreds of thousands of pounds budgets and we coined the phrase "impress the un-impressible" as that is what these clients say we do!   

For events of this scale, pyromusical fireworks augmented with drone displays are all the rage. These take displays to the next level with synchronised music playing in time to jaw-dropping displays, never failing to wow guests.  

We have been privileged to host fireworks shows for all manner of important clients and UHNWI, from Russian oligarchs to Arab Sheiks and the richest people in the world.  In fact if you want to know our secret client list you can just scroll through the pages of the Forbes Billionaires list.

As well as curating a sophisticated and stylish display, we can accommodate all UHNWI entertainment requests from low noise fireworks through to working with security teams and clearing sites back to pristine condition.

Country living
The life of a fireworks display professional can take you to many places, from the quintessential countryside of the home counties, to private rooftops and some of the UK’s most exclusive properties.

We have been involved in a number of notable fireworks displays in Buckinghamshire, including a certain famous Chequers residence. We were able to suggest a display for a special occasion, working in partnership with our client, their security and the necessary teams to create a display fit for a world leader!

Fireworks for businesses
Fireworks are the go-to for bringing a show-stopping moment to any kind of event. And along with high-net worth individuals, we’ve had our fair share of blue-chip gigs we’ve been part of too. 

Corporate entertainment is an important part of any business, whether it’s a summer get together, or Christmas shindig. We are also the only company to fire fireworks shows for a particular online retailer at one of their vast distribution centres, it was a prime location to fire in and they sell everything from A to Z, I'm sure you can guess who we mean!

Much like working with UHNWI, we worked with senior team members, H&S, security, building owners and insurers to ensure a spectacular, safe and impressive fireworks show.

Wedding gold
When we were invited to create a wedding fireworks display for the family of a well-known business leader, we were thrilled to get involved.

The display took place over 15-minutes, with an awesome display using four firing positions across a vast outdoor space. The well known bands who we fired the show to their music were also in attendance seeing their musical creations augmented with an amazing array of fireworks.  Lighting up the night’s sky, the custom show was in excess of £50,000, and made the happy couple’s big day.

If you are an estate manager, personal assistant or house manager for an UHNWI and you wish to book a company with a pedigree of working with these clients, who will impress every time and understands the discretion needed please contact us now.

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