How much space is needed?
The absolute minimum distance we require is 50m from spectators, roads, car parks, public byways. This distance will increase with the size of show as we start using larger fireworks. We complete a full risk assessment to ensure only the appropriate fireworks are used for the distance available.

Are displays affected by weather?
In most circumstances no, however wind direction is very critical. If there is a strong wind away from the crowd to a suitable fallout area then this is acceptable, however if there is a wind towards this crowd this can be unacceptable.

Do you clear up afterwards?
Yes! We endeavor to clear up as much as is possible, however there will always be a few small bits of cardboard left which will soon disappear when the site is mowed. We find that venues come back to us as their preferred supplier again and again because we respect their venue and their rules.

Can the display be a surprise?
Most of the time we can setup a display without your guests knowing, however with some sites (and some sizes of displays) this is just not possible.

Can we start the display ourselves?
Most certainly. We have a wireless firing system that the bride and groom can use to start the display safely back with the crowd.

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