Pyromusical - Pricing
when only the best will do

Sonning Fireworks are specialists in pyromuiscal shows creating highly emotional and exciting fireworks displays like no other. Whether you want to calculate a price based on the prices below or already have a figure in mind we will create the best show possible for your expenditure. We are regularly firing pyromusical shows from £1495 to £40,000 therefore we know how to amaze any audience. From schools to the largest of stately homes we will create a show perfectly fitting your event.

We provide three different levels of pyromusical show. As you move up the levels the quantity and size of the fireworks increases. This is to cater for larger events or where a greater impression is required to be made.

We have various pieces of music for which we have already designed fireworks shows to. You can suggest your own piece of music if you wish and we will advise you if we feel it will work well with the fireworks.

  Bronze – entry level
(includes Level 1 PA)
Silver – superior
(includes Level 1 PA)
Gold – extravagant 
(includes Level 1 PA)
1st track £1495 £1895 £2295
Subsequent tracks £1195 £1595 £1995

A track is assumed to be between 2 and 4 minutes long. 

  Level 1 (up to 150 people) Level 2 (up to 300 people) Level 3 (up to 600 people)
PA system £0 + £249 + £449

For larger scale public events we use our sound reinforcement partner to provide systems and engineers to get the best audio quality and coverage for your event.

Please note that during the November 5th and new years eve period our minimum price may increase due to demand.

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