Please see below some of the videos of our shows.  Some of these videos we have filmed ourselves and others have been filmed by people at our shows and are therefore not great quality, but we thought it would be useful for people to see nevertheless.
This show was fired for the wedding of David Ross and Penny White. The venue required it to be quiet meaning no big shells or loud bangs. It was a very special show for Sonning Fireworks as David Ross is the brother of Alison Clarke who died in June 2013 suddenly. Alison was the wife of Chris who designs all our shows.

This show was design for an 8 year olds birthday. The clients daughter chose the music and we editted it together and designed this for them.

The show below is a large scale pyromusical show we performed for a high profile clients new years eve party.  The site was huge measuring over 140m wide!


This show was one of the first to coin the name "PyroTheatre" due to its narrative and dramatic qualities.  This show is a look at an amazing year in the history of the UK 2012!

 Pyromusical fireworks display for a private party for the Queens Diamond Jubilee

Pyromusical show

Pyromusical fireworks display including classical and popular music.



 Pyromusical fireworks display for a wedding (sorry about the bad video, but you get the idea)

Pyromusical shows are the perfect fireworks event to end your wedding day or corporate event in grand style.  

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